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International Conference "Difference schemes and applications" in Honor of the 90-th Birthday of Prof. V.S. Ryaben'kii, KIAM, May 27-31, 2013

Invited speakers

  1. Ryaben'kii V.S. Mathematical Model of Devices Used to Suppress External Noise in a Subregion of Space

  2. Godunov S.K. Topic to be announced

  3. Manuel D. Salas. On High Dispersion Traveling Wave Solutions of the Korteweg - de Vries Burgers Equation.

  4. Kamenetskiy D.S. Numerical Evidence of Multiple Solutions for the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations for High-Lift Configurations.

  5. Sofronov I.L. Truncated transparent boundary conditions for second order hyperbolic systems.

  6. Utyuzhnikov S.V. Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition for Modeling Near-wall Turbulent Flows.

  7. Gulin A.V. On stability of non-local difference schemes in subspaces.

  8. Kurganov . Central schemes: A powerful black-box solver for nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs.

  9. r E.F. ADER schemes for evolutionary PDEs: a review.

  10. Hesthaven J.S. PhD, dr.techn, Brown University, Hybrid Fourier-WENO methods for shock problems.

  11. Barenblatt G.I. The simplest turbulent flows: shear flow at very large Reynolds numbers. A survey of the total of studies.

  12. bramov .. On a numerical solution of the Painleve equations.

  13. Hagstrom Th. Boundary Conditions for High-Resolution Wave Simulations.

  14. Abarbanel S. Wave Propagation in Advected Acoustics within A Non-Uniform Medium under the Effect of Gravity.

  15. Epshteyn Y. Algorithms Composition Approach Based on Difference Potentials Method.

  16. Chertock A. A simple Eulerian finite-volume method for compressible fluids in domains with moving boundaries.

  17. Garanzha V.A. Construction of thick prismatic mesh layers around complex bodies.

  18. Titarev V.. Comparison of implicit schemes for compressible Navier-Stokes equation.